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Why write a blog on how to help aging parents?

Why write a blog on how to help aging parents?

Why write a blog on how to help aging parents? I’ve actually been meaning to write something – anything – on the topic for a long time and now have finally opened the laptop to get to work. I have worked with the elderly for many years starting as an aide in a nursing home while still in high school and then the last 16 years as a geriatric social worker, so when family or friends have questions about what to do to help an aging parent or loved one, they usually ask me. I love to share the things I know and have learned along the way and want to extend the information asked about most to a larger audience, so here I am.

Of course we all know people age, but it’s not reality until your own parent, or the person who is like a parent to you, falls or burns up the microwave or can’t drive safely anymore and what my brother calls the “new normal” officially begins. When my mom fell and went through the same hospital – skilled nursing – back home treatment circuit I have helped my clients navigate, it was a completely different experience for me – this was my mom. But, I had the advantage of knowing what would come next in terms of services and the questions to ask, and that gave me some peace of mind. Perhaps this information will do the same for you.

I created two eBooks for this site. I crammed “Choosing Services” full of information on services available at home to help older adults stay there longer and about facilities should it be time to move out. I included questions to consider and things to know when choosing services. The “Top Concerns” eBook highlights the most reported health concerns of the elderly, why they have these experiences and tips on what to do. Posts will include information that address the questions I hear most and topics that are important to know about when involved in caring for older adults.

I hope you find this site helpful while you are on your caregiving journey. If there is a topic you would like to hear more about, please let me know, because that’s what it all about.